“This is not an artist”

Alainom Kundyckim
Izložba je od 18. do 28. novembra 2013.



By profession and by choice Alain Kundycki, born 1948, is a career diplomat who came rather late and by chance to a great passion of his, painting. As a child he was told he was good with the drawing pencil but the pencil dropped out of his hand when he was 12 only to come back occasionally before being quickly put back to rest for lengthy periods of time. However the painter in him was in the waiting. Even before he started painting, wherever he has been, in his native Belgium or in the countries he has visited or been posted to and nowadays Serbia he has always been fascinated by the esthetics of natural beauty and manmade landscapes. It was in 1988 while posted in Mexico, a country of spectacular scenery, that he ventured for the first time on the canvas. From the onset old buildings and natural landscapes were, and remain, his favourite subjects that go side by side in his paintings. His aim is to attempt to capture, to recreate the beauty that is in the real world so that at least some of it can be seen and hopefully enjoyed by those who look at the paintings. The great John Constable was a master at this. A mere photograph of his landscape Wivenhoe Park which Alain saw in a book made such an impression on him that he felt compelled to attempt to paint it himself. Painting has helped me to be a better diplomat, he says. It has sharpened my sense of observation and wherever I go and work I notice things that might have escaped me had it not been for the eye of the painter. He also admits that he is very pleased that his Belgian landscapes have triggered interest about his native country. Besides painting, Alain enjoys playing tennis, sailing and bike riding, which offer him yet another way for him to experience and enjoy the beauty of the world around us and serve as a source of inspiration. Not an artist? Things may change in the near future. Painting brushes and colors may soon become his daily companions for long adventures on the canvas.