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:: Imaginarium
:: Dusan Jaukovic
:: 15 – 18 February 2012.

With the exhibition “Imaginarium”, Dusan Jaukovic takes us in his world of imagination, inspired with the dream ghosts and their hidden kingdom. He traces the marvelous world of the angel heralds, revealing their real nature.

:: “It’s all in the play”
:: Bitef Dance Company
:: 27 February – 3 March 2012.

Selecting the photographic works for this exhibition was a big pleasure for me. It is pleasant to work in a position where you handle talents, inspiration and skills of various artists – choreographers, costume designers, dancers and in this case of course – the photographers.
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:: IntegracIAA
:: Towards a first educational event of Young Professionals Section
:: 13th and 14th February 2012.

Members of Young Professionals Section of the International Advertising Association – Serbian Chapter, is organizing its first educational event in a planned series, called IntegracIAA – on 14th of February in the gallery O3one in Belgrade, supported by sponsors FullHouse Group, Spark, ZenithOptimedia and Coca-Cola company. The basic idea is to educate and attract quality individuals from all areas of marketing industry, but also to bring together representatives of leading marketing professionals, advertising and PR agencies, students and members of the Serbian IAA Chapter.
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:: Exhibition „The beginning”
:: Canon 20 – 25 February 2012.

After organizing the first open call for photography on Facebook page Canon Srbija, Canon will present an exhibition of photographs in the O3ONE Gallery.
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:: B-link Festival
:: ACTA talks Thursday
:: 9 February, 19:30

In view of lighting-fast events from the beginning of the year, the world rebellion against SOPA and PIPA acts​​, global revolt against international ACTA agreement, within the B-link festival, and in cooperation with the Pirate Party we are organizing a panel discussion to inform the public of Serbia about these events. Read the rest of this entry »

:: B-link Festival
:: First Serbian Bitcoin Event
:: 18th January at 6 pm

We are proud to present to you Donald Norman, one of the biggest names in Bitcoin ecosystem.
Donald is a CEO of Intersango exchange and co-owner of BitcoinConsultancy company that currently develops Libbitcoin – total rewrite of bitcoin client that should replace official. Read the rest of this entry »

:: Photo of the year „Eyes Wide Open“
:: Status Magazine photo exhibition
:: Opening on Monday 23. january, 8:05 pm

This year for the 10th time Status Magazine organized a prestige open call for the photography of the year „Eyes wide open“ intended for newspaper photographers. The jury that consisted of photo editors from the Belgrade media, chose 39 photographs (more than 600 was received by 40 authors), as well as the 15 coverage that will be presented in the O3ONE Art Space. Read the rest of this entry »

:: Dissolution
:: 16 – 21 January 2011.
:: Authors: Borjan Grujić and Nenad Aćimović
:: Opening and talks with the visitors will be held on Monday 16 January 2011, 7 pm

Project “Outflow/Dissolution” is a vizualisation of complex and mixed core problems and an open space for interaction.
Globally and locally, Europe and Serbia, “Big” world and our “little” everyday worlds are being torn apart in confusion and anxiety.
Where to go? Do we need another revolution? Is it possible to perform a new revolution? Read the rest of this entry »

::The Law is Ours
:: Saturday, 24th September 2011, 5 pm

With an initiative of e-Administration and NGO’s, we are given a historical opportunity to actively participate in the process of making and implementation of laws as citizens of Serbia.
We, the citizens of this country currently have a minimal, almost non-existent influence on the process of making and application of law under which we all live. In fact, we don’t see the law as if it was ours, nor that we can participate in its making.
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:: Retained Sights – Andrić, the World of Images and Friends
:: 10 – 24. december 2011

The third segment is the exhibition Retained Sights – Andrić, the World of Images and Friends. The works of art kept by Ivo Andrić in his home and presently held by the Memorial Museum dedicated to him, some of which were made either by those artists who left a lasting imprint on the development of 20th century art in the former Yugoslavia Read the rest of this entry »

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