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:: SUMA XENIANA…Add black lace, Milena Stojićević:: 14 – 15 May 2008 > opening at 7pm

Using black lace we connect diverse talents of Ksenija Zečević, a woman, composer, poet, pianist, and an icon of Belgrade kemp during the 80’s… With a provocative bosom, Parisian red lips, bleached hair, in black stockings,  laced petticoat and wearing heavy Martin shoes walking the streets of Europe, America, Belgrade, and wherever else, practicing intellectual martial arts with astonished clerks of cabinet ideology.
On Wednesday, 14th of May 2008 at 7 pm, using a book, a photograph, music, and lace we open the world of Ksenija Zečević, not to forget… Milena Stojićević, director of Belef center

Wednesday, 14th of May:
- Promotion of Summa Xeniana, a book written by the author Branka Radović, designer Dragana Lacmanović;
- Exhibition of  artistic photographs (portraits) by Vukica Mikača
- Promotion of a compact disc edition, Requiem for Nikola Tesla, performed by the Symphonic orchestra and choirs from Radio Television Serbia, conducted by Bojan Suđić
- Performing live parts taken from “Requiem for Nikola Tesla”, prima donnas Jasmina Trumbetaš and Jadranka Jovanović, accompanied on the piano by Miodrag Janoski.

Thursday, 15th of May
- Exhibition of  artistic photographs (portraits) by Vukica Mikača

SUMA XENIANA… Add black lace
Monograph, music, poetry, exhibition…black lace
Project author: Milena Stojićević
14th and 15th of May 2008
Opening: Wednesday / 14th May / 7 pm / O3ONE

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  Kyle Gann wrote @ March 27th, 2010 at 11:30 pm

I’m visiting Srbija and am rather fascinated by this composer, but can find out little about her. I’d love to know why she died so young.

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